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Ideuzo is an HR communications and consulting agency specializing in HR communications. Since 2007, we’ve helped companies navigate the increasingly complex job market. From job sites to social media, there are countless HR communication channels to reach candidates. Use our experience to identify, track, and even predict trends. We advise you on HR sourcing and marketing in the age of AI.

Over 1,600 companies across Europe, of all sizes and sectors, have trusted us to develop their recruitment strategies.

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Our expertise as an HR communications agency

Sourcing & Recruitment media consulting

We know how to increase both the number and quality of hires. Our team analyzes, defines, and develops your sourcing and visibility strategy. Ideuzo solves recruitment challenges.

With us, you can : Identify the most effective channels (job boards, social media, job fairs, etc.) for your company and Choose HR communication tools worth investing in.

Brand Strategy

As an HR communications agency, we understand that a comprehensive brand strategy is essential for effective recruitment and employee retention. We guide you step-by-step to define your employer brand.

Your company’s true identity goes beyond just a logo or slogan. Together, we capture the essence of your company, highlight your unique qualities and values, and showcase your corporate culture. We help you communicate effectively using words and techniques that resonate with the candidates you want to attract.

HR Marketing

We apply marketing principles to human resources management.
Whether you’re looking to attract, keep, or engage talent, our HR communications and marketing agency helps you develop and implement a communication strategy that highlights your company.

Want to attract talents that fit your needs and have the right skills? We work with you on targeted and impactful campaigns. With Ideuzo, be ready to stand out from the competition!

Corporate Communication

Ideuzo is an HR communications agency that helps companies promote their image and reputation. We optimize your internal and external communication to create engagement, aligned with who you are and your goals.

AI and Recruitment

We prefer humans over robots, so we teach you how to use AI to free up time for what matters most, rather than replacing you. By eliminating repetitive tasks, you can prioritize building relationships within your company and during recruitment. We help you integrate artificial intelligence effectively to enhance your recruitment processes.

CSR Communication

As an HR communications agency, we tackle CSR challenges with you to revolutionize your inclusive recruitment practices.
CSR communication helps you recruit diverse talents, a real asset for your company, and a powerful lever for performance and innovation. With our expertise, we help you reduce recruitment biases and increase diversity in your hires.

Career Site Creation

We assist you in creating or redesigning your career site by applying attractive and functional design principles tailored to your candidates.
Optimize the user experience and, most importantly, the candidate experience. Ensure smooth and engaging site navigation. We help you highlight your employer brand coherently and innovatively so that top talent chooses your job offers.

Agence de communication rh

An international HR
communications agency

No matter where you are in the world, we help you enhance your visibility and recruit effectively.
With Ideuzo, you benefit from the expertise of a leading international HR communications agency:

Over the years, our results have consistently demonstrated our ability to enhance and optimize talent management support, both in France and globally. Ideuzo’s employees are dedicated to offering comprehensive expertise. Our teams focus on every detail, ensuring the highest quality of service.

More than just an HR communications agency, we are your preferred human resources partner. Your goals become our goals, so we provide ongoing support. We manage back-office operations, train your teams to use processes more effectively, and evaluate your performance with detailed reports that we take the time to explain.

(10% internationnal)
million in revenue
in 2023
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Ideuzo, an HR agency
as part of a vast network

We collaborate with over 200 leading HR media partners, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Welcome to the Jungle.

Why? To provide our clients with privileged access to the finest resources tailored to their needs.

Our consultants are continuously trained by experts from these digital communication platforms, ensuring we know them inside and out. This expertise enables us to offer you the most relevant and innovative solutions to optimize your recruitment campaigns.


With Ideuzo, you get more than just a media plan. As your recruitment partner, we follow up continuously to meet your goals, providing HR advice and detailed reports. We manage your back-office operations, evaluate performance, and train your teams. You get comprehensive professional support and quality service from us.

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Client activation and onboarding

We streamline the activation and onboarding of your CV databases and job postings, so everyone can work smoothly together. From the first step with tools like LinkedIn Recruiter or Indeed, we provide support, assistance, and troubleshooting for issues like connectivity, ATS integration, and candidate management.

Analysis and consultation on your HR KPIs

With our service, you can centralize and analyze your HR KPIs, allowing you to monitor recruitment channel performance and evolution to optimize ROI. We offer critical, unbiased expertise to refine your job board selections based on your target candidates’ specific characteristics, ensuring better fit on various platforms.

Training by a Gold Agency

As a Gold-level HR communication agency, we train and guide your employees on how to use LinkedIn, Indeed, and other essential recruitment tools. Our goal is to help you make your recruitment campaigns more effective by mastering job board strategies, social media strategies, and sponsorship techniques.

Ideuzo helped us to analyse and optimise our talent attraction strategy. The results of the audit and their concrete recommendations, tailored to our organisation and business, enabled us to implement rapid and effective action.

We like working with Ideuzo because their support is simple and effective, and they give us a sharp eye for market trends. Last but not least, they help us to optimise our budget, and that’s not a negligible factor.

With the advice of Ideuzo, we invested in programmatic advertising. The figures speak for themselves: 53% of CVs via programmatic advertising are relevant, compared with 22% from aggregators. It’s an investment that needs to be managed, and Ideuzo is at our side to support us in this.

We saved an incredible amount of time and benefited from sound advice on our sourcing strategy. What I appreciate is the efficiency and sincerity of the collaboration. We feel pampered, with a smile, responsiveness and passion for the job.

Ideuzo helped us to analyse and optimise our talent attraction strategy. The results of the audit and their concrete recommendations, tailored to our organisation and business, enabled us to implement rapid and effective action.

Ideuzo provides us with day-to-day support and advice on all our projects. Last but not least, it’s an ideal partner for exploring new HR horizons.

Ideuzo has been working with us on our Talent Acquisition challenges in France. Thanks to their advice and expertise, we’ve been able to co-construct a 360° Talent Acquisition strategy, while meeting our expectations in terms of campaign support and monitoring.

Over 1,300 companies have already taken the plunge.
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You have questions
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Our teams centralize and analyze your HR KPIs, allowing you to track recruitment channel evolution and performance. 

With our critical and impartial expertise, we ensure you get the highest return on investment. We refine our choices of job boards based on your specific needs and target candidates.

From the beginning, we are by your side, supporting you and your team. We facilitate the setup and activation of your CV database and job posting subscriptions.

We provide ongoing support for tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Indeed, and assist with ATS integration, connection issues, and application management.

As a Gold HR communications agency, Ideuzo’s experts train and guide your teams in using LinkedIn, Indeed, and other recruitment tools.

With us, you will learn to make the best use of job boards and social media features. We also identify the best sponsorship techniques and ensure the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns.