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Effective sourcing strategies

Do you want to optimize your recruitment? Ideuzo is the HR consulting agency you need! We help you increase the visibility and effectiveness of your job offers using the best HR channels and tools on the market.

We develop custom, cost-effective, and innovative sourcing strategies for you. We create a media plan that reflects your resources, needs, values, and company culture. This ensures that the candidates you want to attract (and only them) will come to you.

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A personalized HR consulting approach

At Ideuzo, we offer pragmatic solutions for your recruitment needs. Our agency advises and supports recruiters in their sourcing and visibility strategy to increase the number and quality of their hires. We offer you the best sourcing channels and HR tools on the market.

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The media plan

At Ideuzo, each consultant brings specialized HR expertise. We are dedicated to optimizing your investment in job ad placements and enhancing your company’s visibility.

Our strategies are designed to attract your target candidates through the best sourcing channels.

HR tools

Our HR consulting agency selects and implements HR solutions that effectively meet your needs. For managing applications or adopting best practices, we help you choose the best HR tools.

With our recruitment process experience, you benefit from personalized support and extensive expertise to:

  • Optimize your applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Manage employee data (HRIS).
  • Improve talent management, skills development, and career planning.
  • Develop relevant training plans.
  • Find the best internal communication tools for your organization.

We are always innovative and also know how to implement artificial intelligence in corporate recruitment. 

Client support

Our support goes beyond setting up a media plan and selecting HR tools. We provide comprehensive reviews of each recommended solution to ensure you achieve your goals.

We stay by your side, regularly analyzing and reviewing your media plan. We guide you through the back-office setup of each platform (client onboarding) and provide personalized training for your HR or operational teams, ensuring every employee can enhance their skills.

Choose Ideuzo if you appreciate being pampered; we love taking care of the companies we work with!

The benefits of partnering with an experienced HR consulting agency

Ideuzo: More than an agency, your dedicated partner

Partnering with an HR consulting agency means choosing a strategic professional ally for your human resources. Ideuzo helps you navigate the complexities of the job market with straightforward and effective techniques.


We continuously monitor and centralize information. In this ever-evolving market, our experience is an invaluable asset for you as an employer. We help you adapt and optimize your recruitment strategies.


It is important for us to hear about your development areas and current challenges. We may not have all the answers, but we can find an expert with the knowledge you need for assistance.

Our clients' success: Our pride

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, with diverse missions, needs, and challenges. We work with small businesses and multinational companies across various industries, including retail, transportation, and temporary staffing.


We listen to your concerns on the ground, ready to celebrate your successes and tackle challenges alongside you. These collective experiences shape our beliefs and ensure we always stand by your side.


We prioritize delivering high-quality and relevant HR advice. In today’s market, finding candidates with the right skills is becoming increasingly expensive. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast array of tools and job boards. We simplify this process by selecting tools with performance goals that align with your company’s objectives.


Over 1,650 clients have already benefited from our support, achieving 96% satisfaction. Every member of the Ideuzo team enthusiastically embraces new challenges every day.

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You have questions
we have answers

There are 3 essential and inseparable components of an infallible sourcing strategy:

  • Understand the expectations of the candidates you want to attract.
  • Identify the right channels to reach them.
  • Know how to handle data to inform your decisions.

Our 17 years of experience and daily dedication are at your service. For us, an R&D project is about talking, listening, and combining these interactions with technology to make the most of it.

Analyze your target market, examine your specific needs, and find the most effective platforms suited to your operations.

We closely monitor everything: job sites, social media, your online reputation, and your KPIs. We process, analyze, and digest terabytes of data! And if we still have doubts, we’ll make a few calls to be sure.

Every company has its specifics, managerial culture, and short, medium, and long-term perspectives. Candidate A might be perfect for you, while Candidate B would thrive elsewhere. Multiply this by the number of recruits you need, and you get an equation with numerous variables and almost infinite variations.

Human resources are not one-size-fits-all, as the best strategy depends on your company. Our job is to find the best solutions for you, and we do it well. 

We might not all have a Fields Medal, but we know our work inside and out. With Ideuzo, choose experience and personalized support for your HR projects in France and internationally.