Corporate social responsibility

At Ideuzo, we see diversity as a strength and inclusion as a crucial asset. We believe that true business success stems from weaving social, environmental, and economic considerations into every aspect of your operations.

Get the help you need to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and respected by offering yourself a broad range of consulting and support services.

Together, let’s develop your CSR communication and unlock human potential!


Your CSR policy: Our levers

We work closely with HR and CSR departments. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of your challenges. Our clients benefit from tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

Our services

CSR Study

At Ideuzo, we conduct comprehensive audits to:

  • Analyze diversity and inclusion within your organization, regardless of industry.
  • Clearly identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Offer personalized recommendations to promote greater inclusion.


Effective CSR communication relies on active employee involvement! With Ideuzo, you’ll benefit from interactive, engaging, and fun training sessions to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion among your staff. Leverage our partners’ expertise and innovative educational designs to maximize impact.


Our mission? To assist with recruitment, personnel management, internal communications, and integrating CSR into your decision-making processes. We provide practical, easily implementable advice and strategic recommendations on all HR-related matters.
To ensure the effectiveness and relevance of your initiatives, we establish tailored evaluation and monitoring mechanisms. Measure the impact of your actions and adjust your strategies based on the results.

Assessment and monitoring

And to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your actions, we put in place appropriate evaluation and monitoring mechanisms. Measure the impact of your initiatives and adjust your approach according to the results obtained.

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CSR communication benefits

Implementing effective Corporate Social Responsibility communication allows you to:

  • Showcase your worldview, values, and identity. Focus on authenticity rather than strategy, and you’ll attract genuinely committed candidates.
  • Unite your team around socially impactful projects. Your employees, motivated and engaged like never before, will eagerly participate and highlight your company’s social and environmental contributions. Naturally, they’ll help promote the positive image of a company dedicated to creating a sustainable future and offering growth opportunities!

When a company starts or continues to practice CSR, it sends a strong message to all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, service providers, and future talents.

Do you follow sustainable development practices? Are you reducing your carbon footprint? Are you concerned about your employees’ well-being? Through CSR communication, you can get the word out about your values and attract consumers, partners, and collaborators who share them.

Why choose Ideuzo?

Choosing Ideuzo means partnering with a passionate and dedicated team. Together, we create an inclusive work environment where everyone thrives. We support you through every phase, from planning to implementation, and follow-up to ensure your success.
Achieve your goals with our expert consulting and support services in diversity and inclusion. Contact us today!

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A more inclusive and responsible HR policy helps you:

  • Enhance your teams’ well-being and quality of work life.
  • Uphold a positive image and reputation for your company through your commitments.
  • Attract new talent and retain employees and clients.
  • Contribute to your company’s sustainability and overall performance.

Ideuzo agencies support you at every stage of your CSR program:

  • Conducting a thorough audit. Our CSR diagnostic provides a reliable snapshot of your company’s sustainability efforts, quickly identifying areas for improvement and necessary actions.
  • Setting goals and prioritizing actions. Establishing concrete and precise goals for your environmental, societal, and ethical impact is the first step toward positive change.
  • Choosing an action plan. Our team identifies tools and strategies to achieve your communication objectives.
  • Internal communication about CSR policy. We help HR departments raise awareness of CSR issues and prepare management and employees. From marketing to accounting to production, we ensure all teams are involved in its implementation.
  • Monitoring. Our process involves step-by-step reviews and adjustments, measuring your team’s perception and involvement throughout.
CSR policies are crucial for attracting and retaining employees and collaborators. Companies that act and develop CSR initiatives are far more attractive than those that do not.
Your business is unique, and our agency strives to find ideas that unite your employees. HR plays a key role in this process. Together, we deploy CSR training strategies to increase employee engagement. By fostering an environment that values initiative and commitment, we help you create a professional culture that thrives on active participation.

Ideuzo helps you find and amplify your voice. We identify communication channels that align with your values: events, workshops, influencer networks, blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media. Let’s discover what works best for you!

Communicate your CSR initiatives, success stories, and challenges authentically. Show your commitment to environmental, societal, and community efforts, and highlight concrete actions.