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As an HR marketing agency, Ideuzo supports your recruitment efforts. By treating your candidates like customers, we make your company more attractive to them.
We integrate traditional marketing techniques into the HR sector to attract and retain the talent you need. With our strategic approach, you can increase your appeal and engage in long-term conversations with your target candidates.

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Marketing RH
Marketing RH

Our HR marketing expertise

To find the best formats and communication channels for your targets, our team of experts explores all possibilities:

Influencer campaigns

Boost your employer brand with targeted campaigns that highlight your values and make you unique.

Brand content

Provide creative brand content to engage your top candidates.

Social media

Opt for tailored social media strategies to bring your future employees to you.

Programmatic HR

Optimize your recruitment and maximize your ROI.

Vidéos & Motion design

Captivate your future recruits with engaging and authentic videos showcasing your strengths and story.

White papers

Demonstrate your expertise and strengthen your credibility with relevant white papers.


Hit the mark with effective emails tailored to your target candidates.


Make your voice heard with compelling podcasts.

The benefits of HR marketing

We activate HR marketing campaigns by taking into account the expectations and behaviour of each of your candidates, across all communication channels.

Custom HR marketing campaigns

With our personalized campaigns, you choose the right communication channels. We consider the expectations and behavior of your audiences to increase interactions with your target candidates. By meeting their needs, you create authentic relationships and engagement, retaining your employees internally.

More qualified leads

With HR marketing, you expand your talent pool:

  • We address your company’s attractiveness challenges.
  • We guarantee the acquisition of qualified leads.
  • You benefit from more potential candidates.
  • You achieve your sourcing objectives.

Regular and quality monitoring

You benefit from regular monitoring of your campaign organization and traffic. We present clear data and transparent performance KPIs.
Ideuzo’s HR marketing agency puts everything in place to optimize your recruitment management.

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Ideuzo, an HR marketing agency
as part of a vast network

From influencer campaigns to podcasts, videos and motion design, Ideuzo is your HR marketing agency that can help you set up communication campaigns on social networks tailored to your candidate target audience to broadcast your recruitment advertisements, optimising visibility among qualified talent.

Reach your future talent where they are most active: social media to promote your employer value proposition, share testimonials and offer an insight into the company culture.

The results of HR marketing

Campaigns run by HR marketing experts

Our HR marketing strategies are designed to be measurable, with a clear and quantifiable return on investment

After a campaign run by Ideuzo’s experts, you will see the results:

  • Tangible improvement in the number and quality of applications.
  • Reduced recruitment costs, increased engagement, and loyalty.
  • More active employees, enhancing your company’s reputation.
  • Improved overall performance.

Attractive content

Our experts develop optimized career sites and landing pages to increase your visibility and improve the candidate experience. We help you reach your goals: your conversion rate soars, and so does the volume of your applications!

Increasingly loyal employees

Well-targeted and personalized HR marketing actions and regular communication help:

  • strengthen the engagement of all your employees ;
  • Develop the potential of your staff ;
  • attract future talents.

Innovative and effective solutions

Our experts use the best solutions to attract and convert candidates: influencer campaigns, social media management, programmatic sourcing, marketing automation, social ads, optimized websites and blogs, and more.
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You have questions
we have answers

Programmatic HR has become essential for managing successful recruitment campaigns. Behind these terms lies advanced technical expertise. To efficiently automate the distribution of your job offers or communication, our expertise and experience guarantee your ROI.
Running programmatic campaigns requires tools (which we have) and experts (integrated traffic managers) capable of deciphering complex and multiple KPIs. Once analyzed, this data helps us optimize your budgets, media, and time.
We provide regular, clear explanations to help you understand our actions with complete transparency.

The key advantage of HR-focused marketing lies in the attractiveness it generates:

  • You strengthen your employer brand to become more appealing and desirable.
  • You effectively communicate your values and company culture with rich, relevant, and diverse content.
  • You attract candidates who share your aspirations.
  • You enhance the sense of belonging among your employees.
To integrate HR marketing into your digital strategy, you need clearly defined objectives and priorities. Are you aiming for better visibility of your brand and values? Increasing your application conversion rate? We help you determine these goals accurately and appropriately. We offer a personalized approach by identifying the right content formats and optimizing their distribution through the appropriate digital channels.
With inbound recruiting, you will stand out from the competition and attract qualified candidates who align with your company culture. It also helps you recruit the rarest profiles and skills in the market. By creating high-quality content, you highlight the work of your teams and your strengths. Thanks to our expertise, your site will be well-ranked by search engines. This communication strategy becomes essential to engage and attract candidates.
By creating content that resonates with candidates’ aspirations, you foster identification and the desire to join your team. This process increases your conversion rate, turning visitors into active candidates.  Our campaigns are designed to enhance your image and increase your visibility with a strong employer brand. Improved online reputation and optimized search engine positioning guarantee more traffic to your site. Together, let’s attract, integrate, and retain the talents that will drive your company forward.