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When it comes to building your career website, choose an agency with extensive HR marketing expertise. With Ideuzo, you can boost your image and streamline your recruitment processes. Get ready to attract top talent!

Site carrière
Site carrière

Career sites tailored to your HR needs

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Career site builder: Reflecting your employer brand

Your career site is your company’s online showcase. Would you like to highlight your values, culture, and what sets you apart from your competition? Develop an accessible career site with rich, engaging content and intuitive navigation. 

With Ideuzo, you’ll receive all the advice you need to make your site the best ambassador for your company.

A site designed to increase your recruitment

Our goal is to help you design a website that converts visitors into candidates. We optimize every step of the user experience to keep it as good as it can be. With our help, you can engage your employees, optimize your job offers, and recruit more effectively. 

The entire design and content of your site are optimized for natural referencing (SEO) so that you appear on the first page of search engine results, on mobile and desktop.

A career site integrated with your ATS for efficiency and simplicity 

As a career site builder, we integrate our career sites with the best applicant tracking systems (ATSs). By providing tools that simplify your daily operations, we help you attract and retain the best candidates. Our application management system speeds up your recruitment process.

HR Managers trust Ideuzo for career site creation

We are specialists in HR communication and marketing, so we understand what candidates expect from a career site. Our team can help you identify the most appropriate formats and highlight the content that is pertinent to your company. 

With our help, you will be able to easily integrate CV data and job offers into your ATS or HRMS software, making it easier for you to transfer data between different systems and applications.

Promoting the employer brand via the careers site

The career site is a showcase for your employer brand, enabling you to demonstrate what makes your company unique.

A rich careers page reinforces your image as an employer of choice and engages potential candidates by aligning their aspirations with the values and opportunities within your company.

Content is key, and your career site is the perfect place to showcase the amazing benefits your candidates will be eager to discover.

Site carrière

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Your career site acts as an exclusive recruitment resource, allowing you to post all your job openings in one place. Your communication becomes more cohesive and readable. Candidates know where to find you and how to apply without getting lost in multiple job boards. Rather than submit multiple applications on various sites with various forms and files, they go straight to the point.

LinkedIn says 85% of candidates check a company’s career site before applying for a job. Why? Because it is the best source of information about the company for candidates. Therefore, it must meet their expectations and create desire.

Having a career site can help you stand out from your competitors. With a single site, you can limit your digital footprint, manage HR communication, and enhance your employer brand.

To fully benefit from a career site, make it lively and engaging for your potential candidates:

  • Reach passive candidates by adopting an inbound recruiting strategy. Regularly publish relevant content to retain your audience and attract the right people.
  • To generate interest and attention, be innovative. Diversify formats for successful user experiences by using videos, podcasts, and articles!
  • Make sure candidates know what they need to do next (well-placed tabs, targeted job alerts, a newsletter subscription, a downloadable white paper, etc.).
  • Engage candidates (through a chatbot or a conversational platform with some of your employees). Communicate with the candidates you want to establish a trusting relationship with.
  • Regularly update your site with new updates to keep it efficient and monitor your results with relevant KPIs.

Career sites are used to show visitors what makes your company unique and strengthen your brand image. Describe what makes your company unique, its values, and future talent opportunities.

You choose candidates as much as they choose you as an employer. It is important for them to find companies that align with their career goals and aspirations. Make sure they know your team, your employees, and the different roles in your company before they join!

Interested in attracting new candidates? Create a strong employer brand that reflects your authenticity:

  • Establish your company’s vision, values, and what makes your offer unique.
  • Make sure you retain your employees. Invest in your human capital and strengthen your CSR efforts. Candidates place high value on the quality of life at work.
  • Showcase your company (by publishing customer or candidate reviews) and your top employees (with presentation videos on jobs or testimonials from employees). By showcasing your company’s talents, you recognize their skills and value them. It’s an excellent way to thank them and identify potential candidates.

Enhance your employer brand to attract new candidates and improve recruitment.

Career sites are essential to:

  • Save time: When you post multiple job offers, you can find the right candidates quickly. With an ATS, your site becomes a talent pool, which you can use to quickly recruit the ideal candidate.
  • Recruit effectively: You attract new talent by collecting and utilizing data. Analyze navigation behavior on your site to make it more user-friendly. Target profiles efficiently to reach candidates that interest you.
  • Simplify recruitment: By parsing and matching algorithms, this recruitment tool simplifies sourcing and pre-selection.

A career site optimizes your recruitment alongside other sites or social networks like LinkedIn, Pôle emploi, APEC, RégionsJob, etc.