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At Ideuzo, we’re passionate about building employer brands that truly reflect your company’s values and culture. Our comprehensive branding strategies help you shine as the benchmark in your industry.
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The Ideuzo method:
4 steps to an irresistible employer brand

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Experience our proven step-by-step process!

The audit: Discovering your company’s core

Individual interviews

Your employees are your company’s best advocates. By tapping into their “employee experience,” we lay the foundation for your future employer brand.  We conduct confidential interviews with a diverse group, from leadership to randomly selected staff.

Group workshops

We facilitate workshops with 10 to 15 individuals from various departments and similar hierarchical levels, fostering shared insights and experiences about your company’s HR values.

Market insight: Understanding competitors for better positioning

After completing the audit, we delve into how your competitors communicate and position themselves. This involves analyzing their employer promises, when they exist, and visualizing how each competitor is situated in the market. Our goals? It’s not about imitating your competitors or striving for differentiation at all costs. Instead, it’s about gaining a deeper understanding of them to uncover what makes you unique. This insight allows us to diagnose your current position and define your communication territory from a perspective that is distinctly yours.

Analysis and strategy: Creating a unique HR signature

When you develop an employer brand, you’re making an implicit promise to the candidates you want to attract and the employees you aim to retain. This promise needs to resonate equally well both inside your organization and out. Your HR signature is the verbal embodiment of this promise and serves as the cornerstone of the HR communication we will build together.
Your HR signature will structure your messaging and define the scope of your communication—encompassing your tone and vocabulary. It will guide the creation of engaging visuals, ensuring they are not only attractive but also eloquent, effectively highlighting your brand’s essence.
With our expert guidance, your HR signature becomes a distinctive identity, unlike any other.


From concept to creation: Bringing your brand to life

We develop a range of visual concepts. Through collaborative discussions and refinements, we deliver brand territories in versatile, ready-to-use formats. You’ll receive tailored templates for all your HR communications: social media content, job postings, career site materials, and more.

Employer branding advantages

At Ideuzo, we know that your company’s success depends on attracting and retaining talent that aligns with your values and culture. Not just any talent, but those who perfectly align with your company’s values and culture.

With our expertise, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits:

  • A unique identity that differentiates you: We craft your HR messaging to be convincing and unique, just like you.
  • Increasing attractiveness to entice talent and clients: With clear and authentic branding, you inspire desire. Future employees and clients will see themselves in your company and want to be a part of it.
  • Reduced recruitment costs: By quickly attracting qualified candidates, you reduce recruitment budgets. Effective communication about who you are and what you do attracts informed candidates who align with your needs.
  • A tool for employee retention: A strong employer brand reinforces the employee experience, fostering long-term commitment and greater investment.

With our tailored solutions and strategic approach, you build a brand that adapts to changing market expectations.

How long does it take to establish an employer brand?

Employer branding should be viewed as a set of tools whose effectiveness becomes apparent through regular use. The time required to establish a brand varies based on the number and relevance of actions taken, with positive effects typically emerging within 6 months to a year on average.
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You have questions
we have answers

Employer branding is the image, reputation, and popularity of a company as an employer among its employees and potential candidates, as well as a broader audience such as clients, service providers, and investors. It encapsulates your company’s overall vision, integrating your unique value proposition.

To deploy an effective employer branding strategy, create a unifying message that aligns with your employer promise. Your HR signature synthesizes the HR project that your company embodies and wishes to share. This message should resonate with your employees and the talent you seek, and then be communicated through various channels.

Internally, start with quality onboarding, an HR newsletter that reflects your company’s tone, and engaging events. Externally, this involves crafting job offers that reflect your brand. It also involves developing a career site, targeting job boards and social networks, and producing content like HR blogs, podcasts, webinars, and attending trade shows. The range of resources and communication channels is vast, so prioritize those that align well with your company and potential recruits.
Ideuzo’s consulting teams guide you step-by-step in building a comprehensive branding strategy.

Employer branding plays a crucial role in employee retention

  • A strong employer brand attracts highly qualified and motivated individuals who already align with your company culture.
  • Transparent communication provides a realistic vision of your company, preventing a mismatch between expectations and reality.
  • It unites employees around shared values, fostering involvement, fulfillment, and pride in contributing to your company’s growth and sustainability.

To accurately measure your employer brand’s effectiveness, consider these key indicators:

  • Volume of targeted applications: When the message is clear, the key indicator is the number of qualified applications for the desired position.
  • Conversion rate: This measures the rate of conversion between received resumes and hired candidates, determining the brand’s effectiveness.
  • Employee retention rate: An attractive employer brand that accurately reflects the company’s reality helps retain employees, ensuring alignment between pre-employment promises and the actual work experience.