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This seemingly simple question is legitimate for those who don’t know us, but it has no answer. We are a communications and HR marketing consultancy made up of over 50 dedicated professionals spread across France and Europe.
Our strength lies in our shared values, embodied by every Ideuzo team member.

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With 17 years’ experience in a fascinating and rapidly evolving market, we’ve seen it all. Job boards emerging and merging, social networks and influencers, trade shows, and candidates being candidates. So many options, and uncertainties during budget decisions. Our job is to guide you through it all with complete transparency and independence.
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Innovation isn’t just about tools; it’s about daring to take risks like using communication channels not typically used by HR. It’s not about following trends but analyzing results objectively and then deciding. Innovation is also about daring to trust: Do you want a contract for security? No problem. Otherwise, do as 96% of our clients do: rely on our moral contract – the best services, the best advice, at the best price.
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With 12 offices across France and Europe, hundreds of virtual and in-person meetings every year, casual lunches, formal dinners, evening gatherings, after-work events, and breakfast meetings – we thrive on connection. And let’s not forget the thousands of phone calls, about work, projects, vacations, and family. We meet, celebrate victories, share struggles, and applaud the successes of our clients and partners. This is real life at Ideuzo.

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Yes, we love to have fun. Who doesn’t? For us, it translates into an annual event where 400 people (partners, clients, former clients) gather in an exceptional setting until the early hours. It’s also about after-work drinks, impromptu parties, pétanque games, poker nights, and Jokari matches. It’s the jokes flying over desks, landing with a cheerful racket on our boss’s desk, who sends them right back. He’s got quite a forehand!

As well as bringing together diverse yet harmonious profiles, Ideuzo brings individuals together within our organization and between us. Welcome to our world!