case study

ARTUS Interim is a French family business founded in 1992 by Bruno de l’Espinay in Tours. In 2010, the second generation, Alexis de l’Espinay, joined the company to help ensure its longevity. Since then, Artus has expanded regionally, growing to over 70 ARTUS Interim agencies in France and internationally.


The results

ARTUS agencies
% increase in workforce
point of contact to streamline all their needs

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« Ideuzo provided me with a single point of contact who handled all of my needs, whether they were job boards, communication, or other concerns. In addition to sourcing, they also excel at retargeting, employer branding, and website development. I have been convinced of the value they add to my business because of their comprehensive approach and specialized expertise. »

The challenges

With continuous and ambitious growth, ARTUS had a clear objective: to meet all its recruitment requirements and develop a comprehensive expansion strategy. The process involved analyzing and addressing complex talent requirements while considering a holistic approach to business development.

We supported ARTUS in these two key areas by developing strategies to attract and retain the necessary talent for their expansion, as well as improving and diversifying their interim services to meet the varied needs of their clients. It required a 360-degree approach to ensure harmonious and strategic growth across all aspects of the company.

The solutions


  • Innovative sourcing to support company growth
  • A growth strategy integrating tailored digital tools
  • Financial optimization by rationalizing job board services

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