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GESEC is an Economic Interest Grouping (GIE) aimed at uniting independent SMEs nationwide, working in the fields of maintenance, operation, servicing, and construction related to HVAC and electrical installations.

prix Ideuzo expérience collaborateur pour le client Dentsu

The results

clicks on job postings by member companies
applications received by GESEC in 6 months
(€) average cost per CV

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The challenges

Our challenges involve addressing recruitment and retention difficulties within the 420 affiliated SMEs. One solution is to build a digital platform that connects SMEs with potential talent. In addition, stakeholders must be engaged with a clear, impactful message.

The solutions

Site carrière Gesec

  • Building an employer brand based on strong and innovative HR evidence
  • Conducting an internal audit among members and employees to identify attractiveness drivers
  • Designing an ecosystem including a brand platform, a career site with SEO content strategy, and an employer brand guide. This will highlight the benefits offered by member companies, enhancing their attractiveness before, during, and after recruitment

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